MIB – Life Index First Quarter 2014 off -5.4%

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U.S. application activity for individually underwritten life insurance was off -4.4% in March, year-over-year, all ages combined according to the MIB Life Index. Declining activity across the first three months of the year foreshadowed 2014’s first quarter losses, off -5.4% as compared to Q1 2013. The MIB Life Index has marked declining life insurance application activity for the past twelve consecutive months.

The Recruiter: Hot Spots

The Recruiter: Hot Spots.

The supply and demand scale for emergency physicians is obviously going to be tipped in favor of physicians for many years to come. If you’re an ABEM/AOBEM certified physician with a solid track record, typically the job hunt can be akin to achieving celebrity status – “Everybody wants you – everybody needs you”.  In most parts of the country, a well-qualified EP is highly likely to secure a position at the hospital of his or her choice.

If you’re an underwriter reading this, sorry this link is not for you.

If you’re related to me and starting your emergency medicine residency in June then, Bud this link’s for you.

Four Ways to Adapt to an Aging Workforce

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Calls to maximize the utility of older workers — by honoring experience, providing training opportunities, and offering flexible work and retirement options — began to sound at least a decade ago. HBR contributors have suggested we “ retire retirement ”  and “ adapt for an aging workforce .”

But proposing reform is one thing. Instituting it is another. Have companies followed through? Our analysis suggests that some are starting to. We’ve found four best practices for accommodating older workers that should serve as a model for other organizations:

  1. Flexible, half-retirement. Although retirement reform remains stagnant at the policy level, companies are being more proactive about modifying employee exit schemes. For example, Scripps Healthcare has installed a phased-retirement program: Retirees work part time, while drawing a portion of their retirement funds, so they still effectively earn a full salary and benefits. Meanwhile the company avoids having to hire expensive temporary workers and retains talented…

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Testing Design Options and Creativity


The things you read when you have an architect in the family.

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FSB-TKA Scheme B-C - 1

Studying how a vertical circulation spine and the interaction that it can introduce to the building organization was an enlivening and creatively infusive exercise. Each scheme that was developed seemed as strong and powerful as the previous one and yet each one very distinctive with its own strong character statement.

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Watch Chicago’s middle class vanish before your very eyes


Great maps. Stunning.

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Note: I owe both the concept for this measurement of income segregation and much of the actual data – all of it, except for 2012 – to Sean Reardon and Kendra Bischoff, who wrote a series of wonderful papers on the subject and then were kind enough to send me a spreadsheet of their data from Chicago a while ago. The maps, however, are mine, as is all the data from 2012, and any mistakes in them or in the interpretation of the data is entirely my responsibility.

I think one reason I’ve felt less than compelled by Chicagoland, CNN’s reasonably well-made documentary series, is that its tale-of-two-cities narrative is so worn, so often repeated, that it’s become a little dull. Not the actual fact of inequality – which only seems to cut deeper over time – but its retelling.

In fact, I think the point has long passed…

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